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Surfing in Australia

About Us


At Open World Immigration Services we are dedicated to making your dreams come true, whether it is to travel, study, work or live in Australia. 

We are highly experienced immigration agents with a long history of providing the full range of immigration support services. We can assist you with your initial visa application or should you have had your application refused we can help you with re-applying or appealing the decision. We are located in Brisbane, QLD but our clients are located all over the world. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that we work for you and we will do everything in our power to achieve your required outcomes. Many Immigration Agents seem to be intimidated by case officers working for the Department of Home Affairs or skills assessment authorities. Well, we won’t be intimidated from representing our clients’ best interests and providing frank and fearless advice. We aim to achieve successful outcomes, while providing highly cost-effective, professional, customer-focused services.

While we specialise in assisting clients from Israel and Europe given the backgrounds of our Directors, we can assist clients from any nationality and background and in fact, we have successfully represented clients from nearly every nationality imaginable.

We are different from other Migration Agents. You are not just a number and a potential source of income for our business. We see you as an integral “partner” in our business. As such we need to ensure we use our extensive experience, our knowledge and our contacts in the Department to ensure your interests are represented vigorously. You will talk directly to the agent working on your case, and you will find out that we are super available and responsive by email and by phone. We know you expect high-quality service, and we will not disappoint you. 

Our lead Registered Migration Agents are Nogah Parsons, MARN #1467596 and Ella Jia, MARN #1463452.

Contact us now at Open World Immigration Services. Let us take the stress of dealing with the Department of Home Affairs and other Australian agencies off you and let us get results for you!

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